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hillside of the edge of campus. cbs 5 reporter christin ayers on grizzly peak boulevard right now. >> reporter: and firefighters just left here a short time ago after coming to this scene to recover the body of the 20-year- old man who had been hiking with his friends in this area this evening. they make this hike every night. but tonight, those friends called police when the man disappeared. police searched the area and found his body some 200 feet down a rocky ravine. authorities are trying to figure out if he lost his footing and fell. he was pronounced dead at the scene. firefighters had to come out and search this area and then finally remove the body from the area and hand it over to the coroner's office, all of this happening on uc berkeley property. but authorities are telling us this evening, although they are not giving me the identity of this man who this happened to, they are saying he was not affiliated with the university and at this time they're saying it does not appear this
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incident was foul play, although they are still investigating. christin ayers, cbs 5. two young women turned the table on a burglar when he broke into an apartment on playa del rey in san rafael. juliette goodrich says the women left their mark on that suspect. >> reporter: they certainly did. it's an amazing story. these brave women, ages 18 and 19, are probably alive today because of a cell phone and their attacker's knife. neighbors in the playa del rey apartments recall hearing something unusual last night. debra thinks back 24 hours ago. >> when we were just turning off the tv and getting ready to go to bed, with ejust heard like a shouting -- we just heard a shouting noise and just had assumed it was neighbors in the neighborhood. >> reporter: but police say debra may have been hearing the shouting cries for help from two young women after a man broke into their apartment.
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police say these were quick- thinking women. when this suspect broke into the apartment, one of the victims grabbed a phone and called 911 immediately. the other victim, who was being attacked, was able to turn the knife back on the suspect, stab him several times in the chest, before he took off. police say he took off wearing a black hoodie covering his face. >> kind of scary when you have young people in the house with you too. >> reporter: and despite being so shaken up, these women gave quite a good description to police. the suspect is described as a hispanic man between the ages of 19 and 25, around 5-foot-6, with a thin build, high check bones and sun spots on his face. he also suffered those stab wounds to his chest and to his face, so police have alerted nearby hospitals in case he checks in to seek medical attention. that's the latest from san rafael, juliette goodrich, cbs 5. nancy pelosi is staying on as house minority leader. it was all smiles and cheers
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when she made that announcement. but then came a question about her age. >> oh, discrimination. discrimination! >> next. >> pelosi, who is 72, was clearly irritated. cbs 5's elizabeth cook on the question, the answer, and the bigger picture. liz? >> reporter: well, dana, pelosi says she's staying on because there is still work to do. but then the temperature of the room changed, all because of a question that inferred it was time for the congresswoman to let younger folks have a chance. emily post taught us to never question or ask a woman about her age. apparently, this reporter didn't read her book. >> you're over 70. doesn't that prohibit younger leadership from moving forward? >> so you're suggesting that everybody step aside? >> i'm just saying, doesn't that delay younger leadership from moving forward? >> let's for a moment honor it
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as a legitimate question, although it's quite offensive, but you don't realize that, i guess. the fact is -- the fact is that everything that i have done in my -- i guess decade now of leadership is to elect younger and newer people to the congress. >> i think it's offensive, because it's often tailored toward women and there's a lot of male senators. >> reporter: she was just elected to the board of supervisors. at 38, she is considered practically a teenager in the political world. but she says age is a virtue. >> as a young girl, i've always admired her. >> reporter: pelosi went on to talk about the number of women in congress. in fact, for the first time ever, women and minorities will make up the majority in the democrat caucus. the face of politics is no
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doubt changing. joe tuman says, we aren't there yet. >> you'll know this is no longer an issue in this country when we're not doing stories about this anymore, when we don't refer to someone by genderrizing them in some way. >> reporter: nancy pelosi is one of the biggest fund-raisers for the democrat parties. some say her decision to stay on just gives republicans more fuel for their fire. democrats say she's a lock. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. the president faced rapid-fire questions today at his first full-blown press conference in months and drew some clear battle lines. >> reporter: the president wasted no time attacking republicans who have criticized u.n. ambassador susan rice, a possible candidate to replace hillary clinton as secretary of state. >> for them to go after the
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u.n. ambassador, who had nothing to do with benghazi and besmirch her reputation, it's outrage. >> a modest tax increase on the wealthy is not gonna break their backs. they'll still be wealthy. >> reporter: and on the growing cia sex scandal that took down david petraeus. >> i have no evidence at this point, from what i've seen, that classified information was disclosed, that in any way would have had a negative impact on our national security. >> the military has suspended the security clearance for the woman at the center of the petraeus scandal. paula broadwell is a former army intelligence officer who had high clearance. meantime, cbs 5 has learned the identity of the identity of the person who first brought the
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case to the bureau, frederick humphries. he's a friend of jill kelly. after years of telling you about all the doom and gloom, all the dire warnings, i had to do a double-take on this one, because today we learned that california may soon have a budget surplus. legislative budget analysts say that the deficit will be about 1.9 billion this fiscal year. and we could see surpluses by 2014. and just a few months ago we were talking about a $16 billion deficit. >> we have to pay down our debt. we've borrowed from the schools, from the redevelopment fund. governor schwarzenegger's economic recovery fund. we borrowed from the people, from local government. and we've gotta pay that back. >> a lot of the revenue will come from the prop 30 tax hikes which voters approved last week. the state's finances might be looking up, but many bay
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area cities are still struggling and we're seeing and feeling the effects every day. police officers in san jose, for instance, are resigning instead of putting up with lower wages and lower benefits. there are now less than 1,000 police officers available for full duty, and only 70% of those are out in the street. it's bad. kiet do says there may be a silver lining. >> reporter: clark has a front- row seat to san jose's rising crime rate, when he caught a burglar red-handed in his bedroom. >> you don't expect somebody in your home that doesn't belong there. >> reporter: he used to be the neighborhood watch vice president. he says there have been about ten break-ins in the area in the past six months. he said with fewer cops on the streets, prowlers are getting bold. >> when things go wrong, we need officers there to support us. >> reporter: san jose police
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have written a special memo to the city about the police shortage. >> the numbers are not good. >> reporter: over the past decade, sjpd went from a high of 1,420 officers to 1024 today. it now drops down to 978. minus detectives, support staff and administration and you're left with just 583 officers for patrol. sergeant dwyer says they put as many cops on the street as they possibly can. >> you're going to be robbing peter to pay paul. >> i would be shocked if there's police layoffs in the next round. we simply can't afford to do that. and i don't think there's anybody on the council that would even consider supporting anything like that. >> reporter: and the department is filling the gaps with overtime but officers are getting exhausted and injured and the department admits that
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it's not something they can keep on doing forever. relief is coming, though. another 60 officers should be hitting the streets after they graduate from the academy this summer. live in san jose, kiet do, cbs 5. this is the most roughest, toughest, bumpiest road i've ever seen. >> if your neighborhood roads are bad, the neighborhood with the absolute worst, and it's about the last place you would expect. tonight, the popular drink that may now be linked to more than a dozen deaths. >> i just can't believe eric is gone, because he was so full of life. >> she blames a tattoo for the death of her son. how the tattoo industry has changed because of this bay area mom. ,,
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but for a plane! a backup on a northern california highway, not because of an accident, but because of a plane. the pilot lost engine power mid flight, so he landed in the only spot he could find. the median on highway 65 near roseville.
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>> it's something that you train for and you practice for, so, you know, you find yourself, you know, when it actually happens, all that training comes back. >> yeah. so how did they get that plane off the highway? exactly. the most logical way. pilot fixed the problem. chp shut down the traffic and the plane took off, back to the airport. we've all driven on bumpy, bad streets. but when it comes to potholes one affluent bay area community is the unexpected king of the road. strap in. mike sugerman takes us for a ride. >> reporter: this is a view of the picturesque town of marksburg. >> i work for numerous driving companies, and this is the most roughest, toughest, bumpiest road i've ever seen. >> reporter: in the report from
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the metropolitan transportation commission, larksburg has the worst roads in the bay area, tied for last with sonoma. >> bikes get beat up a little bit more. they're going through tires faster and we get a lot of people on mountain bikes as well. >> it's true we have very poor quality roads. >> reporter: the city manager says yes, the town is amongst the wealthiest in the bay area... >> competing demands are really difficult. >> reporter: don't think the city isn't doing anything to fix its roads up. they just sunk a ton of money into fixing up the city's main road by the high school. and this, this is smooth. unfortunately, it's not an andre carter's route. >> someone has to do something
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about this. >> reporter: they're trying. >> i want to pursue possibly getting money through a revenue measure through the voters. >> reporter: andre carter can't afford to live here, but if he could, he'd sure vote for it. 13 deaths may now be associated with a highly caffeinated energy drink five- hour energy. the feds are looking into reports of the death over the last four years, as well as reports of heart attacks, convulsions and miscarriages. the fda says just because a report is filed does not necessarily mean that the product is the cause of the injury. >> for people that have high blood blood pressure or anxiety disorders, even cases of depression, it can really mess up the body. >> last month, the fda received five reports of deaths after consumers drank another highly caffeinated drink, monster
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emergency. the make of five-hour energy says its product is safe when used as directed. her son got a tattoo and then something went terribly wrong. turns out, the state only requires two hours of training for tattoo artists compared to hundreds of hours for manicure artists. what that tattoo community has to do because of a bay area mother. >> eric was a very friendly, very funny boy. >> reporter: eric was the type of guy who would help out a bullied kid and then manage to make him laugh. >> he was a lucky kid in the sense that he was very happy. >> reporter: but after getting a tattoo in 2003, the uc davis junior died. his mom, nancy, forced to bury a 21-year-old child. >> to this day, i can't believe that eric is gone, because he was so full of life. >> reporter: with a heart of gold, despite being born with a
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hole in his heart, called a heart murmur. he got an infection after getting the tattoo and that infection affected his vulnerable heart. it wasn't until after loading eric that nancy realized tattoo artists and body piercers have no state standards for sterilization. in fact, you need 400 hours of training to do a manicure in california, 1500 to cut hair had. but the state of california requires zero training for anybody to tattoo or pierce someone. >> you and i could go out and give somebody a tattoo? >> you and i can set up shop and do it out of the back of our van if we wanted to. >> reporter: and this is what can happen, nasty infections and the spread of diseases like hepatitis and aids. she wrote a law that just went into effect in july, requiring tattoo artists have a minimum
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of two hours of blood-borne pathogen training each year. they'll also have to pay a registration fee to cover the cost of random infections. but considering how much training you need to cut hair in california, eric's family doesn't think the law goes far enough. >> it's an invasive procedure, so of course people need to be trained and they need to know what they're doing. >> reporter: she admits her law could go further but says it took six years to pass this version. even though it will cost artist michael more than $350 a year in fees and training costs, he thinks it's good for his industry. >> i don't mind paying it if it's going to shut down shops that are hurting people. >> reporter: there's no telling if eric would still be here if the law was in place when he got his tattoo. >> it's been nine years. does it ever get any easier? >> no. >> reporter: nancy hopes these new regulations will spare
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other families the pain she still lives with every day. >> anyone caught breaking that law will face a $1,000 fine. a set of triplets have tipped the scales right into the record book. jason and brittany's boys arrived in sacramento on november 8, weighing a combined 20 pounds. that makes them the heaviest set on record by more than a full pound. >> i was pretty much eating every couple of hours. eating like a normal-people meal. >> so you were, they say, eating for four? >> i was eating for like 17. >> at birth, sydney weighed a whopping 7 pounds 8 ounces. elliott came in at 7.3. and little jenson, 5.5. look at them! >> so cute. jenson has got some catching up to do. coming up, find out why this picture right here is
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going to change. i've got a picture of the hungriest squirrel in the bay area. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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paul wrap paul wrap the best goal of the weather time. we answer the question, what happens to your pumpkins if you leave them outside for a couple of weeks after halloween? >> that's the hungriest squirrel! we have some changes to talk about weather-wise. this radar shot behind me will not look the same this time tomorrow. rain moving in from the west. dry right now on high-def doppler but that's going to be changing. oakland, mild, 59. san francisco, right there too. san jose down to 54. and 47 for concord, livermore and santa rosa. oakland, 51. in the santa clara valley, likely the upper 40's when you wake up and get the kids ready for school tomorrow. satellite and radar, it's that cloud a couple miles offshore that will really play with our weather for the next several
11:25 pm
days. as it approaches tomorrow, we'll have clouds but no rain. rain will hold off until tomorrow night. but when the rain gets here, which will be friday morning, we'll have on-and-off rainfall for three straight days, friday through sunday. rain will be steady to heavy at times. it will not rain all day. washouts i don't see but it certainly will impact your outdoor plans over the weekend. tomorrow, we're cooling down but just getting back to where we should be in time of year. livermore will still be a couple degrees above average. san mateo, mid 60's with mainly cloudy skies. upper 60's likely for richmond, berkeley, mill valley. 64 tomorrow in downtown san francisco. rain is here on friday. rain sticks around for the weekend. low to mid 60's. it's out of here for monday and tuesday, so the niners game should be dry, but rain comes
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back next wednesday. here's sports. i have the best goal of the year. and can the kid save the warriors? tip-off is next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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straight game monday night o bears. 49ers quarterback alex smith is back at practice and appears ready to start in his 27th straight game monday night against the bears. smith passed a series of concussion tests. he threw passes, a little light jogging. >> i felt good today. everything i've gone through, i felt good. it's really not up to me, though. when your vision is not what it should be, i went on the sidelines, sat down, and it just seemed to continue to get worse, so... >> bears and niners on monday night. our coverage starts at 9:00 with mobile 5 making an exclusive appearance with ken bastida. somebody, anybody has gotta step up for the warriors and that happened tonight against atlanta. it was the rookie nelson. it got physical.
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david lee and zaza. harrison barnes had a breakout game. 19 points, 13 boards. late fourth quarter, here's stephen curry. he had 12 points. warriors win it 92-88. tampa bay's david price ties with justin verlander for the cy young. there's a landslide in the national league with 38-year- old r.a. dickey. he became the first knuckleballer to win the award. manny ramirez made his winter ball debut in the dominican republic. check out what happened on the first pitch.
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[ announcer speaking foreign language ] >> adios! that's right. we'll get nate robinson. look at this fake. good thing he's only 5-foot-9. no. 3, t-wolves and bobcats. bobcats, winners tonight. no. 2, kevin garnet has gotta have eyes in the back of his head. celtics win. and no. 1, best of the year, a kick from ten yards outside the goalie box. not only that, that was his fourth goal of the match. sweden beats england. 4-2, the final there. that is just a spectacular goal. i haven't seen anything better than that. >> off came the shirt. >> and we're going to have -- we'll be back.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. david letterman is going to be funny with alec baldwin. >> from new yor

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